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Tattoo After Care Instructions

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1. Remove bandage after 2 hours minimum.
2. Wash tattoo in HOT water for twenty minutes with dial anti-bacterial non scented soap repetitively.
3. After Shower air dry/pat dry with steril good quality paper towel.
4. Apply THIN layer ofAquaphor. (Usually located in the cosmetic lotion aisle in a blue white jar or tube.
5. Wash tattoo 3-5 times daily and prepeat process.
6. After 3 days switch to Lubriderm skin therapy non-scented for approximately 2 weeks. (Note - perfumed
    soaps and lotions can be irritating to a fresh tattoo as well as risk of infection. So be sure to use
    something that is additive free like Lubriderm.)
* DO NOT scratch or itch your tattoo!!
* Do NOT expse the tatoo to sunlight!!
* Do Not Eecpose the tattll to dirt or unsanitary conditions.
* DO NOT wear shoes or tight clothing that rubs aginst the tattoo
* DO NOT use VASELINE or PETROLIUM jelly products especialy Neo_Sporen or products like that.
As the Tattoo heals it will shed a few layer of dead skin and possibly scab. These layers can make the
tattoo look cloudy or shiny ant first but hat will clear up after the healing process is complete. 
Usally around two weeks.
NO Swimming, saunas, steam baths, tanning beds, hot tubs, etc. Remember that warm wet environments 
are more prone to haroboring harmful bacteria that could lead to an infection. Your new tattoo is an 
open wound that needs great care. The Better you care for it the better it is going to look for the 
rest of your life. Not to mention it is an investment of quality art that you want to be proud of.
 Remember, a large part of how your tattoo looks when its healed is soley dependent on how well you 
take care of the tattoo during the healing process, Dont be one of those people that ruined thier tattoo
because of poor hygiene. Dont be ashamed of your tattoo, take great care during the healing process and
always use Sun Block WITHOUT ZINC in it when you are in the Sun. Read your Sun Lotions lable.