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Welcome to You Pick It We Stick It. This year has been awesome and want to thank everybody for your love and support. We are blessed to have such a loyal following and love you all dearly. We had some trials and tribulations this year with weather and such but we are always commited to putting out the best tattoo and peircing work in Houston and we have you to thank for this. We are always ready to do that special tattoo that you are ready for or we can come up with anything that you want. Please come by anytime during business hours and we will get you set up and ready to go. We also have piercing specials constantly and you can keep up with those by Clicking Here to our FaceBook Page. We had a great 2017 and look forward to 2018 while having you as our lifelong customer and friend. Again, please come in and check us out and keep an eye on new stuff happening on the website...


We are in the end of 2017 and 2018 is

Coming Quick. There are still a couple of specials 

 so check in regular on Facebook

   for updates during the last few

days of the year. We will be doing

Holiday Season Stuff as they come along.


                                                                               We have just been rated as

3rd Best Tattoo Shop in Houston by



Check out thier site for other ratings on other businesses

all around the country, and clink on our link above

to see our rating.

We want to thank everyone who made

this possible and we truly love you for it.



 Artist Wanted

 We are looking for Artist that are very

passionate about thier work.

Requirements are as follows:

Must have at least two years shop experience.

Must have a reliable means of transportation.

Must have own equipment. Must have a portfolio.

Call the shop and talk to Steve O, 7139870006 if you feel you

meet the requirements for either position.


Apprentice wanted:

We are looking for an Apprentice!!!!

This is how it works, you start off as a shop hand and if you do your time then

you have the possibility of becoming an apprentice. If you are Team Player,

Self Motivated and Hard Working then come and see us here at the

shop. However you must have good computer skills,

must be able to draw with skill and above all have excellent

customer care abilities. You must have your own dependable transportation. 

For more Information you may call 713-987-0006 and ask for Steve O